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Reactive Attachment Disorder in Teenage Boys

Reactive attachment disorder  ( RAD) is a very common issue that effects millions Teenage Boys. Although this disorder is very common among adolescent males that have been adopted, there are many people today that are totally unfamiliar with Reactive Attachment Disorders (RAD), as well as the many psychological and behavioral issues that ensue as a direct result.  Reactive Attachment Disorder Teenage Males

If you are a parent that is not only familiar with RAD, but experience this issue first hand, please call the troubled teen specialists here at Triangle Cross Ranch. You can reach us anytime at 866-471-6695.

What is Reactive Attachment Disorder in Teenage Boys and and how can it be treated ? 

RAD is an emotional disorder that usually effects teens that have suffered abuse, neglect, or teenage boys that did not receive positive emotional behavior that is normally provided by biological parents. Teenage boys that were once orphans, or perhaps a child that bounced around a number of different foster cares, are very susceptible to this mental illness and the bizarre symptoms that come along with this unfortunate disorder.

Teenage males that suffer from this disorder, may have a difficult time establishing friendships or close relationships throughout their entire lives. When a child fails to receive the basic love or comfort provided from their biological parents, they are more likely to develop this mental illness

Teenage males that suffer from RAD are often times misunderstood young men. People may have a false perception of these teens, leading many to believe these are cold, zombie-like, unloving young men who are incapable of feeling love or any other type of positive emotional response.

Triangle Cross Ranch extends its services to Teenage Boys struggling with Reactive Treatment Disorder...

Triangle Cross Ranch has been the answer for many parents who face the daily struggles of raising a troubled teenage boy. The young men enrolled at our Catholic - therapeutic ranch, are suffering from a wide array of mental disorders and negative behaviors. We are equipped to handle the various aspects of reactive treatment disorder and extend a helping, healing hand out to parents seeking appropriate treatment. Call us now at 866-471-6695.
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